Monmouth College Department of Classics - Latin Awards

Latin Scholarships are provided to first-time freshmen and transfer students. You do not have to major or minor in Latin to be eligible for this award, but recipients are expected to demonstrate some competence in comprehending and translating Latin with the aid of a dictionary. The scholarship is renewable up to three additional years if the student successfully completes a half credit hour of Latin per semester. For more information go to the Classics Department site or contact Professor of Classics, Robert Holschuh Simmons.

Preferred Method of Interview: On-Campus audition with faculty as part of a personalized campus visit.

Alternative Method of Interview: 1. Stockdale Fellows Scholarship Day. 2. Skype Interview to be arranged through your admission counselor.


The student must be accepted for admission and will interview on campus with Monmouth College faculty and students.

Prepare the following for an on-campus interview:

To arrange for your visit to campus, schedule a personalized on-campus experience.