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Personalized Campus Visit

Choosing a college that is the right fit for you is a big decision. One of the best ways to truly know what a college has to offer is to visit the campus and take a good look around. Are you eager to take a peek inside an actual classroom? Curious what the student residences look like?

Join us for a campus tour, where a current student will show you around and give you the inside scoop on life at Monmouth College. With enough advance notice, we may be able to arrange for you to sit in on a class or meet with a faculty member in your program of interest. If you are here during the noon hour we would like to host you for lunch - giving you a chance to experience the dining on campus.

Individual visits are best if you would like to have one-on-one time with faculty, staff or coaches. You may schedule an arrival time between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. You can expect to be on campus a minimum of two hours. Prior registration is required.

There are seasonal breaks during the academic year when classes are not in session and students and faculty are not on campus. During these breaks we are happy to schedule visits which will include a full tour of campus and time with an admission counselor. For the dates of these breaks, or to schedule your visit by phone, please contact our campus visit coordinator at 1-800-747-2687.

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