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Virtual Mini Classes

We are offering a variety of mini classes over the summer to give you a taste of the educational experience at Monmouth College. We specialize in teaching classes in a small environment and hope you'll agree this is the best method of learning. Although it is in a different setting than a physical classroom, you'll still get the sense of our faculty's passion for their subject area and the love they have for teaching.  Plus, join us for a session and we'll mail you a free Monmouth t-shirt

All Classes will be held at 11:00am.

July 7
Dr. Adrienne Hagen Ancient Greek: The Language of Homer, Plato, and Percy Jackson
July 8 
Dr. Francisco Ángeles How a 5-year-old Cuban Boy Defined American Politics Forever?
July 9

Dr. John Iselin

The Fluid Dynamics of Sports
July 14 
Dr. Audra Goach Exploding Assumptions: How Scientists Design Experiments to Discover How Things Works
July 15
Dr. Andre Audette Conspiracy Theories in American Society
July 16
Professor Wenhong Teel Let's speak and sing in Japanese!
July 21
Dr. Chris Fasano Introduction to the Strange Ideas of the Quantum World
July 22
Dr. Jennifer Thorndike Latinos in the US: A Celebration of Identity, Community, and Culture
July 28 
Dr. Vanessa Campagna The 10-Minute Play: Concert Readings and Production Concepts
July 29
Professor Tom Prince

Integrated Marketing & Advertising