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Class of 1962 Reunion

We look forward to seeing you on campus for your next reunion in 2022!

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Reunion Committee

Bob Best

Deeks Carroll

Jane Robb Davis

Tom Davis

Bill Hubbard

Dave Spears

Tom Weeks

Guy Welch

Help us find these classmates

Over the years we've lost contact with these classmates. If you know how to get in touch with them, contact a member of the Reunion Committee.

  • Becky Ann Adair
  • Nasim Aslam
  • Janet Beard
  • Mary J. Bourdon
  • Barbara A. Denison
  • Judith C. Douglas
  • Linda Erlandson
  • Frances J. Galaty
  • Jerry Ray Gould
  • Betty N. Grace
  • Patricia L. Hill
  • Phyllis Joan Johnson Huyser
  • Joann P. Kenas
  • Bonnie R. Knudson
  • Katsumi Kusuhara
  • Gail Margetis
  • Beth J. McKnight
  • Marynan J. McNamara
  • Sallie E. Morgan
  • Stephen E. Nelson
  • Linda K. Nielsen
  • Michael J. O'Neill
  • Katherine M. Paisley
  • Roger L. Pearson
  • Susan O. Roark
  • Judy K. Rosenberg
  • Sylvia J. Sanford
  • Claudia J. Sawyer
  • Stanley D. Short
  • Barbara A. Cork Story
  • Beverly M. Strickland
  • Michael L. Vitale
  • Barbara E. Watson
  • Rich F. Weis
  • Carlene F. Wilkison
  • Charle R. Woolsey
  • James S. Young
  • Helene Zury

As of 6/16/2017

Class Gift
Class Participation

Give Now

Gifts and pledges made within a 5-year period before a reunion, along with documented planned or estate gifts, are counted toward the dollar amount of the class reunion gift. Donors giving within the fiscal year period containing a class reunion are counted toward the participation goal of the class reunion gift.