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Family of the Year

2016 Family of the Year Award
The Brooks Family

Although they did not themselves attend college, Charles Brooks and his wife, Daisy, were two extremely influential members of the Monmouth College family, encouraging all eight of their children to attend Monmouth, from which six received their degrees.

A member of the College maintenance staff who possessed only a sixth- grade education, Charles instilled in his children a strong work ethic—a trait that helped them succeed academically in the face of racial prejudices that continued to confront African American students as late as the 1970s. From Daisy, who worked as a cook for Monmouth fraternities, they received a love for learning and the arts.

Being honored posthumously, in addition to their parents, are Don Brooks ’51, Paul Brooks ’51,
Ira Mae Brooks Walsh ’57 and Marjorie Brooks ’58. Living honorees are Ray Brooks ’53, an All-American football player, who was a teacher and scientific researcher; Ada Brooks Groff ’59, a Mayo Clinic-trained physical therapist; Glenn Brooks ’61, a Hall of Fame athlete, renowned musician and retired administrator; and Chris Brooks ’72, also a musician who has taught at Monmouth College.

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