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Family of the Year

2017 Family of the Year Award
The Austin-Jones Family

For more than a century, the Austin, Jones and Campbell families have had a significant impact on Monmouth College through service, academic excellence, philanthropy and loyalty. Descendants of early music professor T. Merrill Austin include 14 alumni who are direct descendants, among them two trustees of the College. Austin is credited with elevating the College’s nascent vocal and instrumental programs to academic excellence and national prominence.

His granddaughter, Marion Austin Jones, served among the College’s first women trustees, and her son, F. Austin Jones, continues her legacy as one of the newest members of the College’s board of trustees. His daughter, Miranda Jones, was the latest in a long line of Jones family members to attend the College. The May graduate won awards as a co-editor of the Courier, the College’s student newspaper.

The Campbell branch of the family has been equally prolific in producing faithful and supportive Monmouth College alumni. Among its ranks is the late Timothy Campbell ’39, who served on the board of trustees.

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