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Give to the Light This Candle Campaign 

This is a watershed moment in the life of our College. Our ability to seize this moment — to place Monmouth College on an irreversible path to greater levels of service, strength, and acclaim — lies in our hands. Let the devotion of thousands of hearts speak now and for generations to come. Let the flame of white and crimson burn forever brighter.

— President Clarence R. Wyatt

Our national and global societies yearn for people empowered to lead us through these challenging times. Monmouth has not just the opportunity, not just the necessity, but the duty to lead.

Monmouth is distinctively positioned to create a more intentional, purposeful, and coordinated program of human development, and ensuring that this experience is responsive and available to a changing American and global society. This path represents the next stage in the evolution of the residential liberal arts experience.

“A flame of white and crimson” has lighted the way for generations of young people for more than 160 years. Through the vision, courage, and generosity of the Monmouth Family, that flame will burn stronger and brighter. Most of all, through the young men and women whose paths will be illuminated by the Monmouth College experience, the world will be a better place.

Through the Light This Candle campaign, Monmouth will continue to build its endowment by raising a minimum of $75 million by June 30, 2022. This campaign will strengthen the College, now and for the long run, by focusing on four objectives.

The 4 Candles

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Monmouth has long made a challenging educational experience available to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. For Monmouth to remain a college of high opportunity and high achievement, bright and ambitious young people must be able to flourish without regard to their financial backgrounds and without asking them to shoulder overwhelmingly burdensome debt. 

Academic Innovations

Faculty and staff are the sparks that light the candles of ambition, of possibility, of achievement and service within our students. They eagerly embrace their role as mentors and role models, as well as teacher/scholars. A stronger endowment will enable Monmouth to continue to attract outstanding faculty and staff who understand that the residential liberal arts experience is focused on the growth of the whole person.  

Living-Learning Environment

Much of the power of the Monmouth Experience flows from its highly residential nature, where the teaching and learning experience is a round-the-clock, seven-days-a week pursuit. Through an endowed Capital Improvements Fund, Monmouth will maintain and enhance a living-learning environment that mirrors and supports the College’s mission — the development of young men and women as intellectual, social, moral, and physical beings. 

A Sustaining Foundation

By creating an even more ambitious sense of the College’s possibilities, Monmouth can inspire even greater levels of generosity and commitment. An enhanced culture of philanthropy will increase annual giving — focusing on donors at the $1,000 and higher levels — and by also adding significantly to the College’s register of deferred and planned gifts, which helps guarantee a strong Monmouth College for future generations of Noble Scots.