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Senior Class Gift

Why do we ask our seniors to give back?

Look around you. This campus and the community that you are a part of has been made better by those who came before you. One of the most visible signs of that commitment is the Senior Class Gift. It's one of the traditions that makes Monmouth an outstanding college.

Contributions to the Monmouth Fund do so much:

  • Provide scholarship support to all students
  • Help pay our world-renowned professors' salaries
  • Purchase supplies and equipment that students use in labs and classrooms everyday
  • Fund campus-wide activities
  • Subsidize the cost for athletic teams’ travel, gear, etc.
  • Cover costs for the College’s greatest needs

What is the Class of 2018’s Senior Class Gift?

The Class of 2018 will raise money to upgrade old Monmouth College signs with the College's current logo, making the campus even more beautiful. Signs updated with funds raised by this class will be engraved with the words, "Dedicated by the Class of 2018." If you’d like to help the Class of 2018 leave their mark on campus, you can donate here.

$20.18 is a lot to ask

You’re right. $20.18 may seem like a lot of money, but if you are willing to make a small sacrifice (3 Einstein’s coffees) then you can make a lasting impact for future Noble Scots.

What is Honor Walk?

Honor WalkHonor Walk is a chance for graduating seniors to honor a special person that influenced their time at Monmouth College.

Monmouth College's 4th annual Honor Walk will take place immediately following the Baccalaureate Service. Graduating seniors who contribute $20.18 or more to the senior class gift project will have the opportunity to participate.

On the eve of Commencement, President Wyatt will present each senior who contributed to the Senior Class Gift project a talent—a coin with Wallace Hall on one side and the College seal on the other. As the gathered audience of family, friends and classmates looks on, each senior will then present the coin to the special person he or she has selected.

Contact Us with Questions

Jen Armstrong
Associate Director of Reunion and Parent Giving