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Tuition & Fees

Standard charges per semester for 2020-2021:

Tuition $20,665.00
Room (Standard double-occupancy) $2,675.00
Board (Standard meal plan - The Edinburgh) $2,140.00

Total annual charge $50,960.00

Room options per semester:

Residence Features Charge
Alpha Xi Delta House Double Occupancy $3,150.00
Bowers Hall Double Occupancy $3,150.00
Founder’s Village Includes parking permit $3,150.00
Grier Hall Double Occupancy $3,150.00
Kappa Kappa Gamma House Double Occupancy $3,100.00
Pattee Hall Double Occupancy $3,150.00
Gracie Peterson Hall Double Occupancy $3,150.00
Pi Beta Phi House Double Occupancy $3,150.00
All Others Double Occupancy $2,675.00

Additional charges for rooms per semester:

Room Charge
Double room, single occupancy $465.00
Single room, single occupancy $125.00
Private bath $195.00

Board plan options per semester:

Plan Meals Included Flex Dollars Cost
The Edinburgh ALL ACCESS $215 Flex Dollars $2,140.00
The Haddington 14 meals/week $280 Flex Dollars $2,140.00
The Aberdeen 10 meals/week $430 Flex Dollars $2,140.00
The Perth 50 block (Commuters Only) $125 Flex Dollars $510.00

Additional estimated costs of attendance for the 2020-21 school year may include:

Student Parking Permit $125 per semester
Private Music Lessons $225 per semester

Other indirect expenses may include transportation, personal expenses and bank fees. The normal course load for a full-time student is 4 course credits per semester. A student enrolled in 3 course credits or more is classified as a full-time student. Tuition per semester is based on a student’s registered course load as of the last day to add a course. Students enrolled in music lessons will be charged a music lesson fee unless the course is dropped by the end of the first week of classes’ add / drop date.

Tuition includes use of the library, laboratories, student center, cultural activities, co-curricular programs, admission to athletic contests and most other campus events. Tuition is required whenever a student is enrolled for course work through Monmouth College whether the course work is on or off campus. Students participating in off campus programs, student teaching or internships are responsible for additional expenses they may incur such as transportation and meal costs.

Where space permits, double rooms are made available for single occupancy at an extra charge. Students selecting a “double-single” room will be charged an additional $465 per semester.

All unmarried students are required to live and take board on campus, except residents of the immediate area who may receive permission to commute to the College while they continue to live with their parents. Student residing in Founders Village or specific campus houses may choose to waive their meal plan. Students enrolled in internships, independent study, student teaching or other off-campus programs within 30 miles of Monmouth College must reside on campus and be enrolled in a campus meal plan. Box meals will be provided for the meals that cannot be taken on campus.

Other Charges

Part-time tuition, per course credit $5,000.00

Students enrolled in less than 3 course credits per semester will be charged tuition at $5,000.00 per course credit.

Audit, per course credit $2,500.00

Full-time students may audit a course without a charge. Part-time students or persons not enrolled will be charged the audit fee.

Music lessons, per semester $225

Students enrolled in music lessons will be charged a $225.00 fee each semester . Students enrolled in multiple lessons pay one $225.00 fee per semester. Students will be charged this fee unless the lesson(s) is dropped by the add / drop date at the end of the first week of classes.

Late payment fee

Tuition, room and board charges are billed by semester. A late payment fee of $75 will be assessed if payment in full or alternative arrangements are not made by the due date.

Charges incurred after a semester begins are billed monthly and payment is due by the 20th of the month in which the statement is received.

Statements are available online once a student has given access privileges to an individual(s). When a student is enrolled, they will receive an email requesting the student to authorize individual(s) access to their account information. An email will be sent asking for those authorized to register with Monmouth College. Reminder emails will be sent out each month prompting you to view the online statement.

Course change $15.00

Students who change their course registration after the first week of classes will be charged this add/drop fee.

Orientation fee

An orientation fee of $195 is charged to all new students enrolled in the fall semester. This fee includes orientation meals, program materials, events and academic transcripts. All new students in the fall semester are expected to participate in orientation activities. The orientation fee for new transfer students who will not need to participate in ILA is $195.00.

Room cancellation

Resident students who do not return for fall semester must cancel their room assignment in written notice to the Student Affairs Office no later than July 1 in order to receive their deposit refund. Students who do not return for spring semester must notify the Student Affairs Office by January 4 to receive the deposit refund.

Teacher candidate credential file, per copy $5.00

Replacement of lost key or card

Key Type Replacement Charge
Outside key to building $75.00
Room key $35.00
Other key $35.00
ID or meal card $25.00

The security of residence halls and the integrity of the identification system demand cooperation and responsibility from all members of the community in safeguarding keys and ID cards. The charges above are to encourage care of keys and cards, to maintain room and building security, and to prevent loss of ID cards. Students are charged for keys not returned by the last day of each semester. Students who return keys after the last day of each semester will receive a refund of one half of the initial charge. The ID card is used to access all residence halls with the exception of student houses.

Motor vehicle charges

Item Charge
Student parking permit $100.00 per semester
Parking/Other violation fine $50.00
Parking on College lawns fine $50.00
Parking in Handicapped $250.00
Non-registered vehicle fine $100.00*
*In addition, violators are required to register the vehicle.

All students must register their vehicle and properly display a parking permit at all times. A parking permit allows students the opportunity to utilize campus parking facilities when a space is available. It does not guarantee a parking space will always be available. If no parking permits are available at the time of the request, a student will be placed on a waiting list until a permit is available. Further information is available at the Monmouth College parking rules and regulations website or in the associated brochure.

Returned check fee $30.00

The fee is charged to a person cashing a check which is returned to the College due to insufficient funds in the account to cover the amount of the check.

Summer session

Tuition, per course credit $5,000.00
Room, per week $95.00

Board is not available during the summer. Students who withdraw during the first two days of summer classes receive a 75% tuition refund. After the second day of classes, tuition is not refunded.

Charges for supplies or damages

Charges for art, laboratory or other supplies, lost library items, athletic equipment or for damage to College property are billed immediately or at the end of the semester. Payment is due by the 20th of the month in which the statement is posted online. Damage charges include the estimated cost of replacement parts or materials, labor for repair or replacement, and overhead expenses associated with the repair or replacement.

Appeal process

An appeal process exists for students or parents who believe that individual circumstances warrant exception from published College charges and refund policies. Persons wishing to appeal for special consideration should address such an appeal in writing to the Vice President for Finance and Business at Monmouth College.

The charges above are effective July 1, 2020. Charges are established on an annual basis and the College makes every effort not to change them during the year. However, the College reserves the right to change any and all of the above charges.