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Frequently Asked Questions 

Financial Aid/Billing

To be sure, we are in extraordinary and challenging times.  We know that everyone is enduring challenges and changes, and hope above all that you are safe and healthy!  The College is awaiting receipt of Federal emergency funding to help us provide institutional grants to students.  We hope this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) will help explain how unused room and board from the Spring 2020 semester will be administered. 

Residence Life

  • When will we be able to come back and retrieve the items we had to leave behind?

    We have to follow the governor’s “Stay at Home” order so for now students will not be permitted to return to campus to collect belongings. The campus buildings are all locked at this time. If you need essential items from your room you may contact the Office of Student Life. We will be in contact at a later date regarding instructions for coming to campus to gather remaining belongings.

Remote Academic Instruction

  • What if I don't have reliable access to the internet?
    ALL faculty are going to work with you and the limitations that you’re facing.  I know that some are indicating that you must do this or that, but the truth is that we’re all facing a new way of learning and we ALL need to be flexible in our expectations.  This means I will continue to work with faculty as we move forward so that we acknowledge what you can’t do and work with what you can.  We know that you’re all capable of great things, even in hard times, and want to help you achieve the best you can.  Faculty do want to try to give you the education you deserve, but we will all work with what you’re capable of giving.  Just communicate frequently with your professors to keep them in the loop of those possibilities.  (Also, if you don’t have internet access, take a look at the attached form and see if we can .

Credit/No Credit

  • If I choose the Credit option, does that mean I don't have to finish the course?

    No, it does not; you have to finish every course to earn credit.  Even when choosing the Credit option, you’re expected to fulfill the requirements of the whole course to the best of your ability.  The Credit option simply allows you to choose how you will earn credit for that course, with a grade or with Credit/No Credit.  (Federal regulations basically stipulate that students must complete a full semester of coursework in order to remain eligible for aid.) 

  • Isn't ten days a short time to decide on Credit/No Credit?

    We believe that all students will have a good sense within ten days, by April 1, whether they’re going to need some grade flexibility or whether they’re going to be able to complete new course requirements as planned.  Students should begintalking to their advisors very soon.  Although Student Life is helpful in so many ways, it’s your faculty members who can give you the best advice, and who can help you devise the best answers for yourself. 

  • How might this affect my GPA, my desire to transfer, or other transcript-related situations?

    Frankly, we can’t say right now, because this is new territory for the College itself.  However, I can tell you that MANY other colleges and universities across the country are moving to this pass/fail options and so MANY other colleges and universities are going to be flexible in accepting such credits.  We’re all just sort of putting an asterisk by this semester and going “well, we all did the best we could for our particular students.”  In terms of GPA raising or lowering, work with your advisors to think it through.  Again, those people most familiar with your academic program and performance are your best resources when it comes to your academic present and future.

  • What if I received a midterm warning grade?  Should I just drop the class?
    The best answer to that is to review your own capabilities at this time (can you participate in the class as the professor asks, are you capable of doing better with the work, etc.) and -- in my constant answer! – talk to your professor.  They will have a viewpoint that you need to hear.  Then you can make a smart, informed decision. 
  • What it I decide I need to drop the class?
    We have removed the add/drop fee for the rest of the semester and will be as flexible as we can be with the drop date.  We still have to be able to process things administratively, but we will do what we can – just as you are.