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Learning to Learn

Jake Nysather
From the classroom to the athletic field, Nysather has made strides in learning

It's hard to quantify exactly how much Jake Nysather, a senior chemistry/biochemistry major from Sterling, has learned since he first set foot on campus in the fall of 2009.

Simon Padron-Glass
Padron-Glass has been empowered at MC

Simone Padron-Glass will not get to enjoy the entire four-year Monmouth College experience, but she has not been shortchanged in making academic discoveries and learning about herself.

Sara Frakes '13
Frakes has broken out of her comfort zone at MC

When Sara Frakes is asked about her Monmouth College experience, the theme of breaking out of her comfort zone comes up more than once.

Meg Grzenia
Grzenia's love of learning has enriched her MC experience

When Meg Grzenia sat down to be interviewed for Monmouth College's "Learning to Learn" series, she was a willing subject. Grzenia understood the procedure, as she plans to use her communication studies major to get into the business of interviewing others.

Pat Corrigan
On the Way to Penn State, Pat Corrigan '13

It's easy to understand why senior Pat Corrigan pays a little extra attention to the details as he listens to one of his Monmouth College chemistry professors speak during class. One day, in the not too distant future, Corrigan hopes to be the one lecturing and leading experiments.

Dan Asbell
'Learning to learn' a big part of Asbell's MC experience

Dan Asbell of Brimfield is quite all right with Monmouth College's distinction as a liberal arts school.

Mike Olszewski
Olszewski has transformed at MC

As Monmouth College junior Mike Olszewski answered questions during an interview for his "Learning to Learn" profile, he came across as articulate, confident and professional.

Ashley Atwell
Atwell appreciates MC's connections

When she eventually lands her dream job as an elementary school teacher, Monmouth College's Ashley Atwell knows that making connections with her students will be a top priority.