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Kaitlyn Miller '15

As a SOFIA (Summer Opportunity for Intellectual Activity) participant, Kaitlyn Miller is proud to say that she already has research experience under her belt as a freshman. 

Image of Kaitlyn Miller

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Hobart, Indiana
Class Year: 2015

While the opportunity to do summer research as an undergraduate was a big draw to MC, Kaitlyn says the friendly atmosphere and people are what really finalized her decision to attend Monmouth.“A big struggle that all freshmen go through is trying to find where you fit in. I think I’ve really found that here.”

Through joining various organizations and honor societies, Kaitlyn knows she has found her “fit” and has already made life-long friends.

However, Kaitlyn does not know if things would have gone as smoothly had she decided to attend to another college. “There are so many changes you go through that first semester that can make or break you.  Because of the support here, I really feel that first semester made me.”

Gaining a strong footing during her freshman and sophomore years have prepared Kaitlyn for the rest of her time at MC.  Looking to her future, Kaitlyn plans to stay highly involved and is excited about what her future at MC holds, both in and out of the classroom.