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Stevie Croisant '14

The decision to come to Monmouth was an easy one for Stevie Croisant, a senior English major and Journalism minor.

Image of Stevie Croisant

Major: English
Hometown: Hennepin, Illinois
Class Year: 2014

She heard of Monmouth when she was still in high school from a current student and she knew she wanted to check out MC. When a representative from another college told her she should go to Monmouth because they had a better English program, the decision was made. Stevie credits Monmouth’s size for helping her reach her goals.

“By going to a smaller school, I can learn the specialties of what I want to do faster.” 

Stevie is definitely taking advantage of these learning opportunities by tackling several leadership positions, including Copy and Layout Editor with The Courier and Programs Vice President in Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity.  

Stevie believes that leadership roles like these never would have been an option had she gone to a larger school.  Stevie also recognizes the liberal arts education she is receiving will help her in her future.

“Liberal arts studies help you to not only be a specialist in your area, but also get general preview of everything else you will encounter.” 

According to Stevie, her MC education is preparing her to meet her goal of become a professional in the world of media after graduation. No matter the subject, Stevie will be prepared to cover the story!