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Trust is central to the therapeutic process. For counseling to be effective, students must trust that the information they share at MC will be kept strictly confidential.

Any information disclosed during your contacts with MC, or records maintained in written and/or electronic form, will be kept strictly confidential as required by State and Federal law, and by applicable ethical standards.

Your written permission is required before any information about your contacts with MC is released to anyone outside of MC. According to current Illinois law, there are a few exceptions to the above rules of confidentiality and disclosure. Counselors are required by state law to report any instance of suspected child abuse to appropriate agencies.

Counselors also have a duty to take action if they conclude that a student intends to harm him/herself or another person. Finally, if a student cites counseling records in any lawsuit, MC may be required to release information related to your lawsuit. In all cases, your counselor will make every effort to resolve these issues with you before any action is taken.

As part of your mental health care, Counseling Services originates and maintains mental health records describing your mental health history, symptoms, assessment results, diagnosis, treatment and any plan for future treatment. This information serves as a basis for planning your care and treatment. To assure you of the highest quality service, members of your treatment team, may consult among themselves regarding a particular situation or person.

Please keep in mind that due to the non-secure nature of e-mail, the MC Counseling Services staff cannot ensure the confidentiality of such communication. Please use discretion when sending information that is sensitive in nature. Also, please note that we do not maintain 24-hour access to e-mail or cell phone accounts.