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Students walk the campus

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Students Love Living at Monmouth

The Monmouth College campus provides a charming and comfortable living and learning environment that is both ideal and idyllic as a traditional college setting.

The campus is surrounded by a residential area just a short distance from the town center. It is a walking campus where no building is far from any other and where members of the College quickly come to recognize familiar faces as they meet on campus walks and congregate for College occasions.

Monmouth’s students find that education extends beyond the classroom, reaching into faculty homes, residence halls and dining room, embracing a broad range of co-curricular activities. Lectures, concerts and performances by visitors are planned to compliment the academic program. The College newspaper and other publications, the campus radio station, religious services, music groups and the theater provide opportunities for students to develop their talents and to enrich the College’s life.

Many members of the College find challenge and learning opportunities in the athletic programs, both intramural and intercollegiate. A prominent focus of campus interest is the student government, which is responsible for a broad range of activities. The Association for Student Activity Programming is the main activity programming board on campus. All students can become members of the board and have a hand in planning campus events. In all of these activities there are opportunities for learning, for leadership and for interaction with faculty members.