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Common Exam and Academic Accommodations

Appropriate services and accommodations are determined by Student Success and Accessibility Services on a case-by-case basis. Depending on a student’s eligibility, needs and limitations, documentation in most cases, and educational environment, Monmouth College may provide the following as appropriate:

  • Testing accommodations, such as extended time and alternative test environment
  • Note-taking services
  • Learning strategies instruction
  • Coaching assessment
  • Materials in e-text and audio format
  • Access to adaptive equipment and software
  • Scribe and reader services, or access to a computer to type exam responses
  • Interpreter and captioning services
  • Library and lab assistants
  • Assistance in activity relocation
  • Assistance in obtaining elevator and lift keys

Typical Exam Accommodations

  • Extended test taking time (50% to double time is the standard)
  • Computer access for essay exams
  • Use of a basic calculator for math computation
  • Long exams administered in two parts
  • Reduced-distraction test environment
  • Readers and/or scribes

The above lists are not exhaustive and other accommodations may be appropriate, but will typically only be implemented after consulting with the instructor of the class. Including (but not limited to) course substitutions or alternative ways of completing assignments (i.e. oral presentation versus a written paper).