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Facilitating Non-Testing Accommodations

Faculty with students who have received approved academic accommodations will receive an e-mail from Disability Services verifying the appropriate academic accommodations within the first three weeks of class. It is recommended that students also contact each of their professors to advocate about the accommodations that will be necessary in each specific class.

If a student requests accommodations and the faculty member has not received an accommodation notification from Disability Services, the faculty member should refer the student to that office. Although a faculty member can make any considerations he or she chooses to for students not registered with Disability Services, doing so runs the risk of peers alleging unfairness if one student's request is granted, and not another student’s. Faculty members are, however, required to provide the accommodations specified by Disability Services for a registered student.

Note Taking Assistance

The faculty of students who have been approved for note-taking services may be provided with directions on finding a note-taker. See note-taking instructions for faculty and note-taking instructions for students.

Disability Services will provide the note-taker with duplication (non-carbon) paper to take written notes.