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Facilitating Testing Accommodations

Proctoring professors' exams for students with disabilities requires responsive communication between faculty and Disability Services.

  • If a student wishes for the Disability Services to proctor their exam, they much speak with the professor one week prior to the exam being given. He or she must express the upcoming exam is one that they would like Disability services to proctor.
  • Once the student and Professor agree for the SSAS to proctor the exam, the student will complete the test proctoring exam form and turn it in to disability services within two business days before the test is to be proctored.
  • Faculty will provide the Disability Services Office with the exam, date, and time they would like the student to complete it, along with their instructions for the exam.
  • If a student chooses to remain in the class to take the exam, and utilize the accommodation of extended time, the faculty member must honor the student's request.
  • The student can choose to stay in the class or have the faculty member provide the student with a break out room, or alternate location with a space for the student to test.

If a student plans to have Disability Services proctor his or her exam, the student is responsible for turning in a completed Test Proctoring Request form online, at least two days prior to each exam he or she needs to take in the Student Success and Accessibility Services, and after speaking with the professor. After receiving the test proctoring request from a student, the Student Success and Accessibility Services will follow up with the faculty for any additional confirmation and information, as well as a reminder to secure the exam in advance.

Unless specifically allowed by the instructor, books, notes, cell phones, or any test-related material will not be allowed into the testing room. Students are permitted to exit the testing room only to use the restroom.
If a change in testing arrangements is necessary, Disability Services must be notified as soon as the student or professor knows of the change. If a student wishes to reschedule an exam, Disability Services must have written or verbal approval from the instructor. Repeated failures of a student to show up for a proctored exam may result in loss of privileges to take exams at Disability Services. It is the student's responsibility to talk to the professor regarding his or her failure to show up for the exam, and if possible, to reschedule the exam.

Students are told specifically not to take tests without the accommodations for which they have been approved. If the accommodation, as arranged by the faculty member, is not appropriate or if a faculty member refuses to make an approved accommodation, the student should refuse to take the test and notify Disability Services and the Monmouth College administration responsible for the course.

Final Exam Test Proctoring Policy