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Registering with Disability Services

Post-secondary education differs from earlier levels of education with regard to disability services. At Monmouth and all other colleges and universities, it is the responsibility of the student to inform Disability Services he or she has a disability and to request accommodations and services if needed. A student who has a disability but has not registered with Disability Services is not entitled to services or accommodations.

Some students who received disability related services in high school may decide to try taking their Monmouth courses without any accommodations or services. Disability Services recommends those students, nonetheless, provide documentation of their disability. In this way, Disability Services can easily serve the student if he or she later finds that accommodations are needed. Disability Services maintains the confidentiality of information in accordance with College procedures and the guidelines in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Pending receipt of documentation, registering, and certifying eligibility, Disability Services reserves the right to deny services or accommodations to students.

In order to be considered an active student registered with Disability Services, you must complete all three of the following steps:

  1. Submit appropriate documentation to Disability Services. For more information, see Eligibility for Services.
  2. Meet for an intake appointment with Disability Services at 309-457-2257 or
  3. Sign an accommodation agreement detailing the accommodations that will be provided to you during the intake process. Once they have been discussed, students will sign the agreement.

Until you have completed all of these steps, you will not be registered with Disability Services, considered a student with a disability by the College, or entitled to accommodations or services. In general, especially with conditions that are stable, documentation needs to be submitted to Disability Services only once in a student's career to register. Each new semester the Disability Services Office will send the accommodation letter to the students' professors.

Notification of Accommodations

The faculty for the semester will receive an e-mail, with the accommodation letter attached, from Disability Services verifying the student's eligibility for academic accommodations. A student requesting academic accommodations should also meet with his or her professor within the first few weeks of a course, to advocate using the accommodations. At this meeting, the student should discuss the type and method of accommodations he or she will need.

Disability Services will notify each of the student's faculty members at the beginning of each semester regarding any approved accommodations. Each semester they are enrolled at Monmouth College, faculty will receive the accommodation letter. A student will only need to register with Disability Services once in their Monmouth career, unless they are seeking additional accommodations or unless their requested accommodations or the approved accommodations change over time.


As a student registered with Disability Services at Monmouth College, you have a responsibility to self-advocate with your professors for your academic accommodations. Self-advocation is speaking to the professor when a student chooses to use their accommodations. To learn more about serving as your own self advocate, please check out this handout on self-advocacy.