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Intercultural Life

The Office of Intercultural Life provides support to meet the needs of under-represented American students and international students at Monmouth College.

Monmouth College recognizes the diversity that exists in our country and places a strong emphasis on diversity on campus. Nearly 25 percent of our enrollment is made up of under-represented American and students who come from countries around the world.


The mission of Intercultural Life is to create an environment that is supportive, inclusive, and welcoming to historically underrepresented student groups.  We recognize that race and gender traditionally have been markers of underrepresented groups.  The Office of Intercultural Life believes that in order to build a community of growth, inclusion, and global perspective, students who identify in additionally underrepresented categories such as, but not limited to, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, low socio-economic, and first-generation status, are welcome.


The vision of Intercultural Life is to see Monmouth College students acquire an understanding of the myriad of cultures that exist in U.S. society and to acquire the skills to live, celebrate and appreciate the diversity of those cultures.

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International & Undocumented Students

Monmouth College has long been, and will continue to be, a place of high opportunity for all young people who choose to benefit from and contribute to this experience. When we join this community of teachers and learners, we ALL become Noble Scots. The core commitment of Monmouth College has always been, and will continue to be, to support fully all of our students to the successful completion of their degrees at the College, and as they move on to lives of learning, leadership, and service. Monmouth College maintains a firm commitment against discrimination toward any of its students. We are and will remain a place of learning for all of our students.

To that end, Monmouth College will continue to follow its existing policies as stated below in support of all its students:

  • The College will abide by FERPA regulations and will not release student records to any agency unless authorized by students themselves or subpoenaed by a court.
  • The College does not keep a record of undocumented students who applied for admission but did not attend Monmouth College.
  • The College will continue to work to maintain the visa status of all its international students.
  • Undocumented students at Monmouth College will continue to receive the same financial aid packages as other domestic students.
  • The Director of Multicultural Student Services will continue to support all Monmouth College students, including undocumented students.
  • The College does not and will not discriminate against any of its students in the College’s housing policy.