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Residence Life

The mission of the Department of Residence Life at Monmouth College is three fold.

First, we strive to compliment the College’s educational mission by providing quality out-of-class learning experiences through programming for students in the residence halls. Second, we provide a clean, safe, and comfortable living environment. Third, we work to develop interpersonal skills, self-responsibility, and an appreciation for human diversity in all residents.

The vision of the Residence Life program is to see that students acquire knowledge and skills which will develop them into mature, responsible, and caring citizens during their four years at Monmouth College.

The Monmouth College campus is a challenging yet nurturing environment that will become your home away from home. Over ninety percent of our students live in the eleven residence halls, the fraternity complex, sorority houses and theme houses on campus. There are four women's residence halls, three men's residence halls, three co-ed residence halls, co-ed apartment style housing, a fraternity complex, three women’s sorority houses and four theme houses.

This gives Monmouth students the opportunity to interact with peers from other cultural backgrounds and learn first-hand about those cultures. These living units offer students comfortable lodging and close access to friends and classrooms. Each residence hall is largely self-governed by an elected Residence Hall Council, which sponsors a variety of activities and speakers to enhance residential life.

Monmouth College believes that living in residence halls affords students special opportunities for learning from others. Whether sharing a room or working together on a class project, the diversity of Monmouth students will enrich your college experience. Personal growth, intellectual development and maturity seem to come more quickly to those who are continuously engaged with their fellow students and who contribute to making residence life a richer experience for everyone. Accordingly, the college requires all its students to live on campus, except those who reside with their parents in the immediate area.

In its residential system Monmouth has sought to provide an unusual range of living opportunities and experiences. None of its halls is quite like any other, either in its architecture or its internal arrangements. Styles range from Winbigler hall’s long corridors and large, traditional lounges to the modern Bowers Hall, that feature suite-style living. In all its living units the college chooses to provide a high standard of maintenance and to enhance students' living experience by making their surroundings bright and cheerful. The college wishes to give its students every reasonable opportunity to choose among alternative accommodations, physical surroundings and lifestyles.

Many Monmouth students choose to join fraternities and sororities. Sorority women live in sorority houses. Fraternity men, according to their affiliation, can either live in the fraternity complex or an annex. Living with fellow members allows students to build better connections with their organization and at the same time, have the support of their brothers or sisters.”

Residence Life Staff