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In the interest of personal safety and to avoid overload on the College's physical plant, students in residences are limited to the following electrical/electronic items in their rooms:

  • Refrigerators, 6.0 cubic feet or less
  • Small microwaves
  • Television sets
  • Personal computers
  • Printers
  • Pedestal fans
  • Window fans
  • Small music systems
  • Non-halogen lamps*

Items such as ceiling fans, dimmer switches, window air-conditioners, mini blinds and any other electrical, plumbing, or mechanical devices not already installed by the College are not permitted.

Unapproved appliances and devices found in student rooms that are prohibited will be removed by the College staff at student's expense.

*Halogen lamps can be a serious fire hazard. Halogen lamps are therefore prohibited. Students found in possession of a halogen lamp will be fined a sum of $100. Halogen lamps not removed by the owner will be confiscated by the hall staff.