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Financial Obligations


All fees and charges are due two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student is enrolled. Students may not register until their accounts are paid in full or satisfactory alternative arrangements are made with the Business Office.

Students who have outside scholarships or loans not already credited to their accounts by the day of registration must have written confirmation from the source of aid if the scholarship or loan is to be considered in computing the net amount due.

Students who wish to distribute payment over several months may make arrangements to do so using NBS Payments. Information is available from College cashier, on the Business Office Web page or by calling 1-800-609-8056. There is a $50 annual fee.


Other indirect expenses may include transportation, personal expenses and bank fees. The normal course load for a full-time student is 4 course credits per semester. A student enrolled in 3 course credits or more is classified as a full-time student. Tuition per semester is based on a student’s registered course load as of the last day to add a course. Students enrolled in music lessons will be charged a music lesson fee unless the course is dropped by the end of the first week of classes’ add / drop date.

Tuition includes use of the library, laboratories, student center, cultural activities, co-curricular programs, admission to athletic contests and most other campus events. Tuition is required whenever a student is enrolled for course work through Monmouth College whether the course work is on or off campus. Students participating in off campus programs, student teaching or internships are responsible for additional expenses they may incur such as transportation and meal costs.

Where space permits, double rooms are made available for single occupancy at an extra charge. Students selecting a “double-single” room will be charged an additional $465 per semester.

All unmarried students are required to live and take board on campus, except residents of the immediate area who may receive permission to commute to the College while they continue to live with their parents. Student residing in Founders Village or specific campus houses may choose to waive their meal plan. Students enrolled in internships, independent study, student teaching or other off-campus programs within 30 miles of Monmouth College must reside on campus and be enrolled in a campus meal plan. Box meals will be provided for the meals that cannot be taken on campus.

Payment of all current financial obligations to the College is a prerequisite to receiving the degree. Failure to meet such obligations will preclude participation in Commencement activities.