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Fire Safety

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility and all members of the College community are expected to cooperate fully with firefighting and Monmouth College officials and abide by the College's regulations regarding fire safety.

  • Full cooperation is expect during fire emergencies and all fire drills
  • Tampering with fire equipment including but not limited to sprinklers, alarms and extinguishers is strictly forbidden
  • The burning of candles and incense is prohibited
  • Halogen lamps are not permitted
  • Unattended heating lamps are not permitted
  • It should also be noted that with advice from the City of Monmouth Fire Department, a fire code occupancy limit has been established for every residential facility at Monmouth College to ensure the physical safety of all students. Adhering to occupancy limits is expected.

Students found in violation of fire safety regulations should expect a disciplinary response from the College.

The following sanctions will apply:

  • First offense: $100.00 fine
  • Second offense: $200.00 fine
  • Third offense: $300.00 fine
  • Covering or tampering with fire safety equipment (e.g. smoke detectors):  $300.00 fine

In addition, these sanctions may be amended at the College's discretion given the severity of the circumstances. Additional sanctions may be added including but not limited to, warnings, community service, suspension, dismissal and the reporting of violations to local law enforcement and/or fire safety personnel. Those sanctions received through the disciplinary hearing process may be appealed to the Vice President for Student Life or his or her designee. Decisions by the Vice President for Student Life or his or her designee regarding these appeals are final.