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To participate in the residence hall/house key system, a student must be a resident in one of the residence halls or College houses. Any student who is eligible to have a key must abide by and be subject to the rules of the key system. There is no charge for the initial key(s). Procedures are as follows:

  • Upon checking into the residence hall, the student will indicate that he/she has received the key(s) from the residence hall staff by signing a check-in form(s).
  • When a student loses a room key, a $28.00 replacement cost for the key will be assessed. If the student wishes to have the room lock changed, a $78.00 fee will be assessed for the lock and will include the key. All keys are to be returned at check out. Students who are assessed the cost of a lost key and later return the key will receive a refund of half the cost of the replacement fee. Outside doors are accessed with the student ID card. A $20.00 fee will be charged for a lost ID card.
  • When the student terminates residence, either at the end of a semester or by withdrawing from the College during the semester, the key(s) will be returned during checkout. If the student has lost the key(s), he/she will be charged accordingly. It is unlawful to duplicate College keys. If a key is lost, the student should report it immediately to the hall director or head resident and obtain a replacement
  • Students are not permitted to add additional room locks.

There are penalties for abuse of the hall key system. When an unauthorized person is allowed use of the key or uses the keys, a minimum fine of $5.00 shall be imposed on the key holder. More severe sanctions, as determined by the Office of Student Affairs, may be imposed for subsequent violations.