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Narcotics & Drugs Other Than Cannabis

The illegal possession, use, abuse, distribution, or manufacture of narcotics, dangerous drugs, or hallucinogens by a member of the College community is considered a serious threat to the health and personal welfare of individuals and a violation of expected behavior.

The academic community can in no way be considered a sanctuary from civil prosecution; individuals are reminded of their civil responsibility. Thus, the College will not obstruct civil authorities. At the same time, as an educational institution, the College recognizes the appropriateness of handling certain cases of drug abuse individually and from an educational and/or counseling point of view.

Individuals are urged to reflect upon the threat to themselves, to review their attitudes and actions regarding drug use and abuse, and seek information and counseling. The Office of Student Affairs is prepared to deal confidentially with personal problems involving drug abuse. In addition, physicians enjoy by law privileged communication and can be of assistance. Information about the legal implications, the effects of various agents, and counseling can be obtained through the Office of Students Affairs or by calling x2113 for an appointment with the Counseling Center.

Narcotics & Drugs Disciplinary Sanctions

The following sanctions will be applied for violations of the Monmouth College Narcotics and other Drugs Policy:

  • First offense: $150.00 fine
  • Second offense: $250.00 fine
  • Third offense: $300.00 fine
  • Felony offense: Immediate report to law enforcement

In addition, these sanctions may be amended at the College's discretion given the severity of the circumstances. Additional sanctions may be added including but not limited to, warnings, community service, substance abuse treatment, suspension, dismissal and immediate reporting to law enforcement.

Those sanctions received through the disciplinary hearing process may be appealed to the Vice President for Student Life or his or her designee. Decision by the Vice President for Student Life or his or her designee regarding these appeals are final.