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Student rooms are painted at regular intervals at the direction of the director of the Physical Plant.

As several students will occupy a room between paintings, care should be taken to ensure that wall and ceiling surfaces are not abused or marred.

Students are not permitted to paint their rooms. No permanent alterations will be permitted. Nails, screws, and other mounting devices may not be attached to wall and ceiling surfaces. Where molding permits, brackets may be used.

Bulletin boards may be used for posters and pictures. If it is necessary to affix a poster or picture to a wall, Plasti-Tak, masking tape, or a suitable substitute should be used. Under no circumstances should cellophane tape or glue be used.

Student cooperation in the protection of wall and ceiling surfaces is necessary to control costs. A room's painted surfaces at checkout should be in a condition that reflects appropriate care and consideration during the student's occupancy of the room. The cost of all damages will be charged to students. Careful consideration of decorating procedures is urged.