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Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking Permits: Applications, Payments and Refunds

All Monmouth College parking lots and parking areas, including those streets and driveways maintained by the College, require a College-issued parking permit. You may register for a parking permit by completing the online Registration Form. Parking permits will be issued to students after their move to campus in August and the permit fee will be charged to their student account.

Students may request a permit for general parking at the rate of $100 per semester. This permit will allow for parking in ANY college parking lot EXCLUDING the Bowers Hall lot and Founders Village lot.

Students residing in Bowers Hall and Founders Village may request a permit for those specific lots. The Bowers Hall permit is at the rate of $100 per semester and is valid in any college lot. There is no charge for the Founders Village permit and is only valid in the Founders Village parking lot.  

All parking lot spaces are on a first-come first-serve basis.

A refund for a returned and unused parking permit is allowed if requested within the first seven calendar days of the start of each semester. If the old permit is not returned, or if proof of destruction is not provided, the full per-semester fee will be charged.

Conditions and Responsibilities

Monmouth College reserves the right to permanently change all parking rules and regulations in order to make improvements or to facilitate operations. Students, faculty and staff will be informed of such changes by public notice (electronic bulletin board, etc.).

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Parking in all Monmouth College parking lots or College-maintained streets requires the appropriate College-issued parking permit (employee or student). Students are only authorized to park in the lot that they have a permit for. Lack of preferred parking is not a valid excuse for violation of traffic and parking regulations.
  2. Fines associated with parking tickets:
    • All parking tickets excluding a handicapped parking violation are $50.00
    • Parking in Handicapped Space without Permit: $250.00
  3. Parking in campus fire lanes, service drives, along yellow curbs, in loading docks or next to trash dumpsters is prohibited at all times. All violators will be ticketed regardless of time or use of hazard lights.
  4. Parking and driving on sidewalks or blocking them or other pedestrian pathways is prohibited.
  5. Parking or driving on College lawns is prohibited.
  6. While driving on College property, motorists must yield right-of-way to pedestrians.
  7. All current parking permits remain the property of Monmouth College and may not be sold or transferred to other parties.
  8. Full price will be charged for replacing a parking permit or if it is lost or stolen. Anyone found in possession of a stolen or counterfeit parking permit will be fined and will lose parking privileges on campus. In addition, this person will face disciplinary action.
  9. All parking rules and regulations apply to motorcycles.
  10. Use of non-licensed motorized vehicles, such as golf carts, is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the College.
  11. Students may not park in designated Admissions or Faculty/Staff lots at any time.
  12. Visitor Parking spaces may not be used by MC Faculty, Staff or Students at any time.
  1. In the event of a change of license plate, a vehicle change, or a loaner/temporary vehicle being brought to campus, Campus Safety must be notified.
  2. Students whose parents are employed by Monmouth College or otherwise have access to a vehicle with an employee parking permit are not authorized to park that vehicle in designated faculty and staff spaces.

Visitor Parking

Students who host a visitor may request a student visitor parking permit. The student visitor must park in the Euclid or 11th Street lot. The student who is hosting the visitor will be held responsible for any of their visitor parking violations. 

Handicapped Parking

Students who require handicapped parking are required to purchase a permit. As mandated by the State of Illinois, a number of campus parking spaces are designated for handicapped parking. These parking spaces are clearly marked and are restricted for use by individuals displaying valid handicapped permits issued by licensed physicians or by the state of Illinois.

Theft and Damage

Parking permits or registration decals do not include or imply security protection. Monmouth College assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to motor vehicles or their contents. Vehicles should be locked at all times.

Inoperable or Abandoned Vehicles

The owner or driver of a vehicle that is in violation of Monmouth College parking rules and regulations but cannot be moved due to mechanical difficulties must immediately report the vehicle to Campus Safety.

Towing or Disabling of Vehicles

Vehicles parked illegally will be disabled by a wheel boot or towed at the owner’s expense by Berg’s Towing, 1420 North Main Street, 309-734-1999. A storage charge may also be assessed.

City Parking Ordinances

Streets surrounding campus require a City of Monmouth residential permit for parking overnight from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. City permits are available only to city residents. Students and their guests are expected to abide by city of Monmouth parking regulations. Where overnight parking is allowed, parking on City streets is limited to 72 hours at any one location.

A number of streets bordering the campus, including East Broadway, North 6th and East Euclid, are designated by the City of Monmouth as “Emergency/Snow Routes.” In the event of snow, the City of Monmouth prohibits parking on these streets until the snow has been cleared.

Violations of City ordinances will be enforced by the Monmouth Police Department. Significant fines and towing can result from violation of City parking ordinances.


Overall coordination of the parking program at Monmouth College is the responsibility of the Director of Campus Safety. Inquiries regarding parking regulations and procedures should be directed to the Director of Campus Safety.


Parking tickets may be appealed by completing the Parking Appeals Form (below). Appeals received after 12:00 pm every Thursday will be reviewed the following week. Appeals must be received within 14 calendar days of the date the parking ticket was issued. Appeals received after the 14-day deadline will not be considered. Students are notified via email of the decision of the Student Appeals Board. 

Parking Appeals Form