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Hostile Situations

Violent or Criminal Behavior/Hostage Situation

Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations and promptly reporting them.

  • If you observe criminal behavior, suspicious persons or suspicious activities on campus, be observant of details and promptly report this information by calling the Dean on Call at 309-337-5713 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. After 7:00 pm, call campus safety at 309-457-3456.
  • Assist the officers when they arrive by supplying them with all additional information and ask others to cooperate.
  • In the unlikely situation that you are taken hostage:
  • Be patient. Time is on your side. Avoid drastic action.
  • The initial 45 minutes are the most dangerous. Follow instructions, be alert and stay alive. The captor is emotionally imbalanced. Don't make mistakes, which could jeopardize your well-being.
  • Don't speak unless spoken to and then only when necessary. Don't talk down to the captor, who may be in an agitated state. Avoid appearing hostile. Maintain eye contact with the captor at all times possible, but do not stare. Treat the captor like royalty.
  • Try to rest. Avoid speculating. Comply with instructions as best you can. Avoid argument. Expect the unexpected.
  • Be observant. You may be released or you may see a chance to escape. The personal safety of others may depend on your memory.
  • Be prepared to answer the police on the phone. Be patient. Attempt to establish rapport with the captor. If medications, first aid or rest room privileges are needed by anyone, say so. The captors, in all probability, do not want to harm persons held by them. Such direct action further implicates them in additional offenses.

Warren County Emergency Direct Dial Number: 911
Fire/Emergency Number: 911
Non-emergency Number: 309-734-8383
Campus Safety Number: 309-457-3456
Dean-on-Call Number: 309-337-5713 (hours of 7:30am- 7:00pm)

Hostile Intruder/Active Shooter

When you believe there is an active shooter in a building:

  • Lock yourself in the room you are in.
  • Barricade yourself in the room with furniture or anything you can push against the door.
  • Lock the window and close blinds or curtains.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Turn all lights and audio equipment off.
  • Try to stay calm and be as quiet as possible.
  • If communication is available, quietly call 911.
  • Don't stay in an open hall.
  • Do not sound the fire alarm (as this makes people evacuate).

If for some reason you are caught in an open area such as a hallway or lounge area, you must decide what action to take:

  • Try to hide in a well hidden space.
  • If you think you can safely make it out of the building by running, do so. If you decide to run, do not run in a straight line. Keep any objects you can between you and the hostile person(s) while in the building. Use trees, vehicles or any other object to block you from view as you run. When away from the immediate area of danger, summon help any way you can and warn others.
  • If the person(s) is causing death or serious physical injury to others and you are unable to run or hide, you may choose to play dead if other victims are around you.
  • If you are caught by the intruder and they do not immediately harm you, follow their directions and do not look the intruder in the eyes.
  • Once the police arrive, obey all commands. This may involve being handcuffed or being made to put your hands in the air. This is done for safety reasons and once circumstances are evaluated by the police, they will give you further directions to follow.
  • Once you are safe or after the threat has ended members of the college community should immediately call family and friends to let them know that you are safe.