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Lock Down

A lock down involves staying inside a secure location and not evacuating until instructed to do so by police, Campus Safety, residence life staff or other campus officials. A lock down is called for when violence or potential violence is a serious concern and/or where there is potential or actual loss of life or serious personal injury.

If there is a lock down:

  • Faculty and staff will immediately secure the students and themselves in the classroom. If the door of the classroom swings out, and cannot be locked, barricade the door with desks and other large items found in the classroom. If possible, cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into the hallway.
  • If you are not in a classroom, try to get to an office or other room that can be locked or barricaded.
  • Call police or medical services at 911. Then call the Dean on Call # 309-337-5713. Provide information on the situation, your location, the number of occupants at your location, and occupant medical or other critical needs.
  • Do not sound the fire alarm. The alarm would signal the occupants to evacuate the building placing them in potential harm as they attempted to exit.
  • Lock the windows and close blinds or curtains.
  • Stay away from the windows if there is present danger.
  • Turn off lights and all audio and video equipment.
  • Try to remain as calm and quiet as possible.
  • Keep everyone together if that seems the safest decision.
  • Keep classrooms and other places of refuge secure until police arrive and give you directions.
  • Stay out of open areas.

If you are unable to go to an attended or secured place and/or find yourself in visual contact with suspect:

  • Find concealment as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot, lay against a wall or other physical structure that may provide at least partial bodily security.
  • Your priority is to stay safe and survive. Think on your feet and make a decision about how to respond. There is no one correct way to respond.
  • Be aware of cues that indicate the level of risk has been minimized, and promptly seek the nearest assistance or attended, secured room.