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It is important that you know what to do and who to contact if you or someone else is injured. The information below provides instruction to activate an emergency response to an injury. If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately call the Campus Safety or the Dean On-Call. Give your name, location of the victim and describe the medical problem.

Warren County Emergency: 911
Fire/Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 309-734-8383
Campus Safety: 309-457-3456
Dean-on-Call: 309-337-5713 (hours of 7:30am- 7:00pm)

Emergency or Urgent Medical Situations

To notify Emergency Medical Services of an emergency call 911 and the Dean On-Call if needed at 309-337-5713.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Monmouth College has public access defibrillation units called Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for use by any member of the community who has Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and AED training.
  • AED locations:
    • Main Con-course level in The Huff Athletic Center (on Column)
    • The athletic training room of Huff Athletic Center (portable unit).
  • Each use of an AED by a Monmouth College responder shall be accompanied by a call to 911 to ensure timely provision of advanced life support and transport to an emergency medical facility.

First Aid General Guidelines

  • Always survey the scene to make sure it is safe for you to respond to an injured person. Do not enter the area if there are downed electrical lines, the smell of a hazardous material, or any other safety issue to you.
  • Call 911 and the Dean On-Call at 309-337-5713.
  • Never move an injured person.
  • Precautions must be taken to prevent exposure to blood and body fluids. If there is excessive bleeding you may want to instruct the injured person to cover the wound and apply direct pressure.
  • Only use CPR if you are a trained CPR responder.
  • Look for emergency medical ID, question witnesses and give all information to the paramedics.
  • Stay calm and wait for the EMS team to arrive to help answer any questions.