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Power Outage

Please stay calm and patient and encourage other campus members to stay calm while the college authorities work to remedy the situation.

In the event of a partial or complete campus power failure, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Please call #3333 if the area you are in has experienced a loss of power. Check with others in your building to see how widespread the situation may be.
  • Available residence hall staff will report to the Hall Director/Head Resident apartment. If the HD/HR is not available, the staff in the building meets in the main lounge.
  • Residence Hall staff, and faculty or staff in academic areas should immediately check to see if someone is caught in an elevator. If so, call 911 and #3333.
  • Keep a radio on for updates in the Monmouth area.
  • Residence Hall Staff will do rounds of the buildings looking for candles and situations that might compromise the health and safety of the residents.
  • Students should keep their room doors closed so they do not lose heat as most likely the heating plant will shut down.
  • For personal safety reasons students are asked to make an informed decision if they need to leave the building, for example in bad weather.
  • Hall staff will make continuous rounds on the floors keeping students updated with information.
  • Campus Safety, when on duty, will make regular rounds to check the welfare of students and provide information.
  • The fire alarm system remains operational for forty-eight hours after a power outage. After forty-eight hours, if there is a fire in a residence hall, the staff will have to call the fire department at 309-734-8383 to inform them of the situation.