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Suicidal & Psychological

If you are not a trained counselor, your responsibility is to contact the appropriate professional who will manage the situation.

Assess the situation:

  • Is the person dangerous to self or other?
  • In determining whether a person may be suicidal, “be a PAL”.
    • P- Does the person have a plan?
    • A- Does the person have access to the plan?
    • L- How lethal is the plan?
  • Your primary objective is to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Do not leave the person alone.

If there has been a suicide attempt or suicide:

  • Call 911.
  • Then call the Dean On-Call at 309-337-5713.
  • If you are in a residence hall, contact the RA on duty.
  • Nothing should be touched. Be observant but do not tamper with the scene.
  • Maintain confidentiality. Keep the involvement of others to a minimum.

If the person is or might be dangerous:

  • Call Campus Safety at 309-457-3456.
  • Call the Dean On-Call at 309-337-5713.
  • Say: "I need to report a dangerous personal crisis at (location)." If you have a name, provide it.
  • Campus Safety or the Dean will make the decision whether to call 911.
  • Get help! Never be alone with the person. Ask for assistance from a residence staff member, faculty member, or staff member.
  • Keep others away and at a safe distance.
  • Never try to take a weapon from someone.

If the person is NOT dangerous:

  • Assess further. What exactly is the nature or severity of the problem?
  • If you are in a residence hall, call the RA who is on duty.
  • Keep others away; be sensitive to embarrassment someone may feel later.
  • Remember that you are not a therapist! If you think it might be a crisis, it probably is a crisis.
  • Make no promises about the outcome. (“I won’t tell anyone,” or “You won’t get in trouble.”)
  • Allow others who are trained, to handle the situation.