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Reporting Crime

Even though the college has Campus Safety 24/7, it is important for all students and employees to keep an eye out for irregularities. If a student, employee or others are aware of criminal activity or an emergency that needs to be reported, she/he may do one of the following:

To report crimes on campus call Campus Safety at 309-457-3456.

  • Students can contact the hall director or the head resident, resident assistant on duty, fraternity president or house manager who will contact the the appropriate person or facility to assist with the matter. Employees or others may contact the personnel office at 309-457-2122.
  • Dial 911 which will put the student, employee or other in direct contact with the Police/Fire department.
  • Dial the 24 hour emergency phone number, 309-337-5713. This will put in contact with a staff member on emergency call.

Emergency phones are located in the following places on campus:

  • Outside of Wallace Hall
  • Outside the Library
  • Outside of Fulton Hall
  • Outside of Stockdale Center
  • Outside of Bowers Hall
  • Ninth Street Parking Lot