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Scholars Day Co-ed Softball

Registration Begins: April 4, 2020

Registration Ends: Noon, April 9, 2020

Play Begins: April 20, 2020

Play Days: April 20, 2020

Location: Softball field and April Zorn

  • No alcohol, tobacco or use of profanity is allowed.
  • All Individuals must show MC ID Card before the start of each game.
  • Maximum 14 Players per team. Must have at least 4 female players on the field at all times.
  • Slow-pitch
  • There will be a 40-minute time limit for each game.
  • Allowed to have two male baseball players and two female softball players. Keep in mind that their practices may be going on during games all players must be present at the start of the game. If they are not there at the start of the game they are not allowed to play that game.
  • 9 players on the field—Must have at least 7 people to start game or the team will be forced to forfeit. You must provide your own catcher
  • No more then two males may bat in consecutive order.
  • Only players playing in the field may bat.
  • Must have a minimum of four girls on the field at all time.
  • Start with count of 1-1—One ball and One Strike.
  • If a male batter is intentionally walked and followed by a female batter, she can hit or take first base without batting.
  • Games consist of 5 innings.
  • Teams must be present 15 minutes before first pitch.
  • 10 run rule is in effect anywhere after the 3rd inning, in a 5-inning game.
  • No sliding. If you slide, you will be called out.
  • If the ball hits the mat behind home plate, it is a strike, not if it hits home plate—Umpires judgment, ball must be dropping in strike zone.
  • Infield Fly rule is in affect with less then 2 outs and runners on base—any easily catch-able pop fly that does not leave the infield results in an automatic out.
  • Must have own catcher
  • No stealing bases or lead off before pitch is thrown
  • One base is awarded on an overthrow
  • No bunting is allowed
  • No arguing with umpires—They have the right to eject anyone from a game

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