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3-on-3 Women's Basketball League - Preseason

Registration Begins: November 3, 2018

Registration Ends: November 10, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.

Play Begins: November 12, 2018

Play Days: Mondays or Thursdays

Start Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Field House-1/2 court

Rosters may have fall athletes that cannot play yet. Maximum of 6 players per team. Once the regular season play begins, rosters cannot be changed without permission from the Director of Intramural Sports.

No Monmouth College Team Players.

Play Time/Time-Out/Substitutions

  • All games will be 15 minute halves
  • Half time is 3 minutes
  • Each team is allowed one, 20 sec. time-out per game.
  • Substitutions are permitted during dead ball situations.


  • Field goal is worth 2 point
  • Past the 3-point line 3-points
  • Team captains are responsible for reporting the score of the games to the rec. sport intern present.


  • All fouls called by the player fouled. Be honest.
  • Any dispute (not individual fouls) will be settled by recreational workers. Their decision is final.
  • Continual misconduct of flagrant/intentional fouls will result in immediate dismissal from the league.

Live ball/Dead ball/ possession

  • Ball changes possession after made basket.
  • Jump ball goes to offense on the first one and then alternates.
  • The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play. The player must pass the ball at the top of the court to start play.
  • All Violations will be played out of bounds at the top of the court. A ball out of bounds will be taken out at the top of the court.
  • The ball must be taken past the three-point line on change of possession. Violation occurs if basket is made by team failing to cross line and it will result in loss of point scored and possession to other team.
  • One foot must cross three-point line to change possession.