Fulfilling the Promise: A Strategic Plan for Success


Research Opportunities

Through endowed research funds and grants, students are able to conduct specialized research in partnership with faculty members, both on campus during the summer months and off-campus during breaks in the academic year. An increasingly popular program called SOfIA (Summer Opportunities for Intellectual Activities) allows current and entering students to work side-by-side with professors for three weeks prior to the beginning of fall semester.
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Off-Campus Study

Through its membership in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and through independent agreements with several partner institutions, Monmouth offers its students access to a broad array of off-campus study opportunities. With access to educational programs in more than 50 countries, Monmouth students can greatly enrich their educational experience and life skills in challenging but rewarding venues.
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Integrated Studies Curriculum

Monmouth College prepares students to solve complex problems. Integrated learning is a signature advantage of the Monmouth College education, comprising its core curriculum. Monmouth graduates become leaders capable of taking a broad perspective, devising long-range plans and directing the talents of others to solve the extraordinarily complex problems that challenge out country and our world.
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Entrepreneurship Program

The Political Economy and Commerce Department has developed a multi-course sequence focused on entrepreneurship and seeks to increase outreach to and engagement with alumni and other entrepreneurs from a wide variety of professions around the world. Students examine the history and theory of entrepreneurship, interact with practicing entrepreneurs and make site visits to area businesses and industries.
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Community Service

Through coursework and co-curricular programming designed to develop reflective, persuasive, and analytic skills, Monmouth inspires students to become active members of local and global communities. Activities such as Alternative Spring Break and Saturday of Service allow students to put these skills to work in meaningful and often challenging situations.
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Greek Life

Membership in a fraternity or sorority helps students better themselves and society. Through its Greek Life Initiative, Monmouth encourages its chapters to promote social responsibility and leadership among its members, while also raising awareness and support for its philanthropies. Greek members are also active in community service projects.
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Helping students discover their paths to personal and career satisfaction is one of the key factors making a Monmouth education a sound investment. By enhancing opportunities for internships, career counseling, alumni networking and spiritual reflection, the college ensures that its students make thoughtful career decisions that foster meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Wackerle Career and Leadership Center

A dedicated professional staff combined with diverse career and leadership programming makes the Wackerle Center a valuable resource to every Monmouth College student in preparing for success after college. Through career and leadership development opportunities, the center assists students in applying their interests, talents and education toward a rewarding future.
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Monmouth students are encouraged to pursue internships during their time at Monmouth College. Though some majors do require internships, there are many students who choose to take on an internship on their own. Internships are a promising way for students to discover where they see themselves after graduation and promote positive differences in the lives of others.
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Alumni-Student Mentoring Network

Through an alumni-student mentoring network, students are able to connect with alumni from any year and with similar career goals. Students have the opportunity to discover useful information about the specific line of work they see themselves entering. The alumni-student connection may prove to be beneficial to a student when looking for a job in the future.

Mentoring Day

One day each fall, afternoon classes are cancelled to allow students and faculty to participate in Mentoring Day. Students discuss their major or anticipated major, plan courses of study and discuss options after graduation. The mentoring process is a time for students to reflect on goals and assess progress toward reaching goals.

The Lux Center for Church and Religious Leadership

The mission of the Lux Center is to nurture and equip students to be servant leaders who are spiritually enlightened, globally engaged, socially responsible, and vocationally driven so they can meet the unique challenges of church and religious leadership in the 21st century. Its programming includes lectures, retreats, conferences, mission trips and internships.