• Stephanie Lankford
    Stephanie Lankford
    Medical School Student, 2015 Lincoln Student Laureate
    MAJOR: Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Class of 2015
  • Jess Bybee
    Jess Bybee
    Graduate Student, The Second City Training Centre, Chicago
    MAJOR: English
    Class of 2014
  • Jake Mefford
    Jake Mefford
    Physician’s Assistant, Comprehensive Emergency Solutions
    MAJOR: Biology, Master’s Degree of Physician’s Assistant Studies
    Class of 2010
  • Haley Jones
    Haley Jones
    Assistant Director of Compliance, Georgia Southern University
    MAJOR: Business Administration, Psychology minor
    Class of 2012

Monmouth graduates are in demand because of their ability to communicate clearly, think analytically and demonstrate leadership. The breadth of the Monmouth curriculum, combined with a caring faculty and a robust career preparation program give them distinct advantages in landing a good job or being accepted into a top graduate program.

Measures of Graduate Success

  • 99% placement rate
    Since 2012, the placement rate for new graduates (six months out) in jobs or graduate school is 99 percent.
  • 15th in added value earnings
    Monmouth was rated 28th (out of 736 top schools) among Colleges That Add the Most Value by MONEY magazine in 2015, due in part to the earnings of its graduates.
  • 40th in social mobility
    Monmouth ranks 40th (out of 255 top colleges) in Washington Monthly’s ratings for Social Mobility, which refers to the ability of students to improve their financial circumstances through academic achievement, leading to career success.
  • 100s of internships
    Hundreds of internships every year give Monmouth graduates a head start at nationally recognized employers spanning science, industry, government and non-profits.


Our multi-faceted approach to career success

Pursue your passions under expert guidance

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1 and two-thirds of classes having fewer than 20 students, your professors will know you and take a personal interest in your success. Over 85% of faculty possess a Ph.D. or other terminal degree. This expertise, together with an understanding of your interests and abilities, leads to better advising and a more transformational college experience. Faculty consider it their professional responsibility to prepare you for the next stage in your journey, whether it is a continuation of their education or entry into the career marketplace.

Broaden your experience through active learning

You will be encouraged to participate in an internship or an off-campus study program during your time at Monmouth. Internships can provide a head start into a profession or a way to experience careers of possible interest. In either case, the Wackerle Career & Leadership Center is an invaluable resource to finding such experiences. Additionally, some academic programs highly recommend internships, and professors frequently refer students to internship opportunities that former students found valuable.

Increase your market value by building foundations

You will build the foundations to your career by taking advantage of all that Monmouth College has to offer. This includes outside-the-classroom experiences that lead to greater ease in public speaking and superior written communication of your ideas. While still a student, you may choose to join a professional organization based on your career objective (e.g., the Association for Computing Machinery or the American Chemical Society). You will also have opportunities to meet visionaries and industry leaders, including successful Monmouth alumni who are eager to assist students. The career services offered by the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center are also crafted to extend learning and skill-building beyond the classroom and assist in building career foundations for life.