Brad Horn

Explosive Results

Brad Horn's Story

As a project manager at BakerRisk, Horn coordinates teams of engineers on projects researching the physics of large-scale vapor cloud explosions (VCEs). For nearly 30 years, BakerRisk has provided quality engineering, R&D, investigation and field testing services to industries and government agencies handling explosive, flammable and toxic materials. “I also am training to become a safety professional for my company, and I lead the company safety meetings and training,” said Horn, who has received two promotions since joining BakerRisk in 2012. Horn is currently working toward his professional engineer accreditation and his certified safety professional certification.

“After six months on the job, I was put in charge of a $500,000 newly built test rig and was given authority to improve its system design.”

Horn credits physics professor Chris Fasano, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and served as Horn’s adviser, for being “the most influential person in my academic and professional career. I would not have gotten where I am today without him.”

“Brad is an example of the best of what we mean by ‘student athlete’ -- very smart, very dedicated and very hardworking,” said Fasano of Horn, who earned his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois. “The lessons he learned playing football got carried into the classroom, and the lessons he learned in the classroom and the lab carried onto the field. With an unstoppable combination of smarts, work ethic and character, we were sure he’d excel as he has. It will be really fun to watch him continue to grow.”

Tying it all together

Horn not only appreciates Professor Fasano’s influence on his success, but also the college’s influence, in general, relating its effect on his life to the game Jenga. “I could remove a lot of pieces (choices) towards the top and still get to where I am today. But if I take too many pieces from the foundation, it quickly becomes unstable. Monmouth College provided me with a firm foundation on which to build my future, and I intend to keep stacking.”

  • Giving back
    BakerRisk employees frequently participate in community service. Horn has helped with an outreach to a halfway home to inspire interest in the sciences among the youth and has also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in San Antonio.
  • Pre-physics
    Horn was originally drawn to Monmouth by the chance to play football, which he called “the passion” of his childhood.
I also…lead the company safety meetings and training.

Brad Horn ’09
Major: Physics