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Luke Devlin's Story

Luke Devlin never dreamed he would be working near a city of 30 million residents, half a world away. Had it not been for a study-abroad opportunity before his senior year at Monmouth College, the 2012 graduate might have been content to stay near home.

But soon after graduating, Devlin’s adventurous spirit, which had been kindled by a two-week experience at the prestigious Fulbright International Summer Institute in Bulgaria in 2012, won out. He received a tip about a job opening from the organizer of his Bulgaria trip, MC associate dean Bren Tooley. Devlin immediately told her he was “on board” and packed his bags for Suzhou, China, where he is now a college counselor at the Dulwich College International High School Programme, an exclusive school that caters to the upper 1 percent of Chinese society.

Devlin makes his home just a half-hour train ride from Shanghai, the world’s fifth-largest city. He has adjusted well to the new culture, and the transition has been eased by his immediate supervisor, Travis Coverdell, a 1992 Monmouth graduate. Part of Devlin’s role is to teach the high school students in China about different experiences they will encounter when they enroll at U.S. colleges and universities.

Devlin developed such skills at Monmouth while being immersed in four academic disciplines. He double majored in communication studies and public relations, while adding minors in history and business. Devlin said “That definitely broadened my experience, broadened my perspective.”

  • Opportunities
    While at Monmouth, served as communication intern for a U.S. Congressman.
  • Global citizens
    Devlin said he aims to push the students he counsels in China “to a high ground, to chase their dreams … and find self-defined success.”
You’re told about globalization in school, but it’s hard to teach. It really clicked for me when I got to travel to Bulgaria for a Fulbright institute.

Luke Devlin ’12
Major: Communication & Public Relations