Patrick Dabbs

Letterman impressed by Monmouth

Patrick Dabbs's Story

Patrick Dabbs ’14 couldn't have asked for a much better start to his professional career, and he wanted to make sure his mentors at Monmouth College knew how well they prepared him.

Shortly after taking a job with global reinsurance company Swiss Re, Dabbs sent a thank-you letter to his Monmouth political economy and commerce faculty, whom he credited with helping him achieve early success in his career – first with a job at Aetna, then at Swiss Re.

“My education has served me very well so far,” he wrote. “Without it, I certainly would not have landed my first job at Aetna. Without it, I certainly wouldn't have been brought to Swiss Re by Aetna's former director of underwriting. And without it, I would not be able to solve the business problems I encounter every day.”

An economics and business administration major, Dabbs said he was well-schooled at Monmouth in a number of subjects – many of which he wasn't sure he would need after graduation but have since come to play an important role in his work: globalization, econometrics, the cost of turnover, market analysis, advertising and even Robert's Rules of Order.

Dabbs started his career as an underwriting analyst at the Fortune 50 company Aetna. He joined a group of other newcomers, all of whom had graduated from large universities. “The other dozen or so new hires were all from big-time business programs,” Dabbs said. “But I felt I was the most prepared, and I'm the one the others frequently turned to when they asked for help.”

  • Tackling leadership
    Dabbs not only played football at Monmouth, but also served on the team's leadership committee.
  • Branching out?
    Although he is happy in his new position at Swiss Re, Dabbs said he might eventually pursue another avenue of business he studied at Monmouth—entrepreneurship.
I have, on multiple occasions, run regression analyses projecting future claims and enrollment, therefore enabling us to properly price for the future.

Patrick Dabbs ’14
Major: Economics & Business Administration