Tyler Yarde

Six-figure Income

Tyler Yarde's Story

Since the month he graduated in 2005, Yarde has excelled in sales for Stryker Medical – so much so that in just four years, he was among the top 10 of 256 national sales representatives and maintains a six-figure income. He has accomplished a lot, but it wasn’t easy.

Yarde majored in business administration and public relations at Monmouth College, knowing he wanted to get into sales. He just didn’t know what area would be his focus.

Thanks to his broad foundations gained while a student at Monmouth, Yarde was able to succeed in a “baptism by fire” learning environment. “I worked for a smaller medical device company out of Pennsylvania as their Chicago sales representative for my first year,” he said. “My supervisor told me we had two accounts, and if I could get more accounts, I wouldn’t get fired. I was motivated to learn about medicine and the science behind it, but I didn’t have the luxury of time to devote to scientific inquiry. So much for giving you some time to learn the business and acclimate to medical device sales.”

“I think it is great Monmouth College has the foresight to combine business and science,” he said. “Life sciences is a growing industry and combining science with business is what companies are looking for today. I wish I had taken the time to add a science minor to my experience at Monmouth.”

He is also proud of the quality of education his alma mater provides.

“My Monmouth marketing professor was the one who gave me the idea that marketing health care was a great place to go,” said Yarde, who was an all-conference defensive back for the Fighting Scots. “We toured a hospital together, and we heard a speech from their marketing director. I didn’t even know health care device firms existed, let alone aggressively marketed their products.”

Simply put, he said, “The experience at Monmouth College changed my life. I will always remember professors Cates, Capener, Connell and Johnston, and I continue to encourage any student to take their courses. I am where I am today because of the quality faculty at Monmouth.”

  • Fast track
    Made jump to account representative in two months, rather than traditional two years.
  • Team player
    Had a standout football career at MC as an interception specialist.
I think it is great Monmouth College has the foresight to combine business and science.

Tyler Yarde ’05
Major: Business Administration & Public Relations