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Student, Alumni and other guests after the 2015 Moot Court Competition
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You're a Monmouth College graduate, and your connection to MC never has to end! The Wackerle Career and Leadership Center is one way to stay connected. Whether you are seeking a job, applying to graduate school, or ready to offer advice and support to the next generation of Scots, the Wackerle Center can help.

Below are some ways that you can connect with the WCLC based on where you are in your own professional journey.

  • How can the Wackerle Center help you?

    The WCLC is pleased to assist alumni in a variety of ways. Depending on where you are in your career journey, we can help you to discover the resources best suited to supporting you in your job search, graduate school preparation, and much more. We welcome you to schedule an appointment by calling 309-457-2115 or emailing

    Locating Employment

    Our office can also assist you in connecting with other alumni for your own career benefit. We can work with you to teach you about ways to reach out to fellow alumni for purposes of informational interviews, company information, etc. Join our Monmouth College alumni LinkedIn page as a first step.

  • How can you assist fellow Scots

    Monmouth College alumni take the experience they have as students and carry that on through their lives. Our global network of alumni leads and serves in their homes, their businesses, and their communities. Alumni are encouraged to use their life experiences to assist current students and other alumni with career exploration and networking. No special training is required – just a willingness to share your experiences with others interested in your career field, graduate school field of study, or geographic area.

    Once you're a Scot, you’re always a Scot and our proud alumni give back to their alma mater in many different ways. Through the Scots Connection programs, alumni give of their time by volunteering to engage in programming that connects alumni with current students. Alumni can also stay involved by attending an alumni gathering, joining an alumni chapter or referring a student to Monmouth! And, as always, you can make a financial gift to support your alma mater!

    Whether you volunteer for a one-time event, or are available to contribute your time and talent on a regular basis, volunteers build new relationships, renew old friendships and touch the lives of our students and alumni. Volunteer today!

  • Scots Connection – College to Careers Conference

    The Scots Connection College to Careers Conference is an annual event that invites stand-out alumni to share their secrets to success with current students. This event is hosted in February each year and welcomes alumni to spend a Saturday afternoon on campus interacting with students and fellow alums in an effort to help students discover the path to a meaningful career. The format for the event varies from year to year based on the theme of the conference, but usually includes an alumni panel, roundtable discussions and networking activities. Lunch and dinner are provided!

    How does your participation benefit the students? By offering a large variety of alumni from different backgrounds and professions, we are able to educate students about the various career opportunities that exist and provide connections with alumni as students begin to build their professional networks.

    Volunteer today!

  • Scots Connection – Women in Science

    The Women in Science initiative serves to foster support programs for women students and faculty in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Psychology and Mathematics. As part of the program, Monmouth College alumnae who have had successful careers in these disciplines are asked to come to campus and share their experiences including, graduate studies, research opportunities, obstacles and challenges with current students. Typically, alumnae guests are asked to speak to a number of classes, attend a student lunch, and be our guest at a faculty reception.

    How does your participation benefit the students? By providing students with specific examples of successful women in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Psychology and Mathematics, we hope to encourage more female students to consider these majors.

  • Scots Connection – Alumni Distinguished Visitors Program

    The Alumni Distinguished Visitors Program offers an ongoing opportunity for Monmouth College Alumni to come back to their alma mater and support current academic initiatives, with alumni speaking to classes, offering talks to faculty groups, joining round-table luncheon discussions, and appearing as a guest of honor at faculty receptions and other similar events.

    The visit request generates from the academic department. How does your participation benefit the students? Having alumni that are distinguished in their fields visit campus to speak, provides an opportunity for students to get excited about what lies ahead for them, while also providing extra motivation. Students have an opportunity to explore different career options and are able to better understand the value of a liberal arts degree.

  • Scots Connection – Internships

    Internship programs provide students with real world experience and perspective in a given field. An internship requires that students engage in supervised academic study through participation in an applied setting. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit. Some interns also find permanent, paid employment with the companies in which they interned, thus allowing organizations to find them to be a solid source for new hires.

    How does your participation benefit students? According to, research shows that 85% of companies use internships and similar experiential education programs to recruit for their full-time workforces. By hosting a Monmouth College student intern, you are providing invaluable experience outside the classroom to help students gain an advantage in this very competitive job market.