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Students enjoy activities during the Wackerle Center's Leadership Conference
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Trying to choose a major and/or career can be a confusing and scary process for students. One of the best methods we have found for students to manage these concerns is by talking with the staff at the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center to gain guidance on their options. We offer a variety of resources that your student should take advantage of at various stages in his/her time at Monmouth College.

  • How the Wackerle Center supports student development

    The Wackerle Center offers a variety of ways for students to interact with our office.

    • Advising sessions: Through individual appointments, walk-in hours, and resume clinics, students have several opportunities to meet in-person with a member of our staff. 
    • Events: The Wackerle Center sponsors a range of events throughout the academic year. From our annual business etiquette dinner to alumni networking lunches and career programs, the WCLC offers a variety of interactive activities for students.
    • Job and internships announcements: An online database of job and internships announcements is available through the Illinois Small College Placement Association (ISCPA) at Monmouth students are able to search for employment opportunities in their areas of interest.
    • Student employment: For students interested in off campus employment, the WCLC offers listings of job opportunities throughout the year. On campus employment is managed by the Office of Student Financial Planning. Listings of on campus jobs can be found here.
    • Library: The Wackerle Center print library offers a wide range of resources students can use in their research.
    • Social networking: We also maintain active profiles and content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our Facebook & Twitter pages relay information regarding upcoming events, important deadlines, and various jobs and internships that are posted through our office. We also post career related articles, highlights on Wackerle Center events, and motivational quotes focusing on all areas of career development from internships and job searching to interview skills and attire.

    Listed below are the five primary areas in which we advise Monmouth students. Please feel free to click on any of these links to get more information.

    • Major & Career Exploration
    • Starting an Internship or Job Search
    • Researching Graduate & Professional School
    • Vocational Exploration
  • Ways to support your student

    We value the important role that parents play in the career development of their students. The encouragement that you offer is so important at this critical junction in your student's life. Below are some suggested ways that you can help your student throughout the career exploration process.


    • be open to their ideas and interests
    • ask good questions and listen carefully to their thoughts
    • support their pursuit of their interests and passions- even if they're different from your own
    • reflect back to your son or daughter what you hear them say and help them to clarify their priorities


    • encourage your student to start the career exploration process early in their college years so they have a chance to explore different options
    • share what you observe to be the unique talents and abilities of your daughter or son
    • encourage your student to take advantage of the resources available at the WCLC


    • encourage your student to talk to people working in fields that interest them
    • refer your student to anyone you might know (colleagues, neighbors, family, friends) who can help them in their exploration
    • urge your student to build and maintain professional relationships with faculty, staff members, supervisors (in any job), and others they meet

    ***Please note that the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center adheres to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) Regulations. Due to these regulations we are unable to discuss information about your student with you unless they have given permission. For more information about FERPA please click here.***

  • Supporting the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center

    In addition to the role you play in your individual student's journey, we value the impact that parents can have on other Monmouth students and our community. Below are two ways that you can help support the important work that we do.

    Consider offering internships or full-time jobs to Monmouth College students at your place of business. If you work at an organization that hires interns or would consider hiring interns in the future, please contact us. We would be happy to talk with you about our internship program and to share internship postings with Monmouth students. In addition, if you are aware of full-time job opportunities that might be well-suited to a Monmouth graduate, please forward those job descriptions to our staff. You can reach us at 309-457-2115 or

    Participate in career education programs. Throughout the year, the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center coordinates programs to educate students about career exploration and job search preparation. We offer events such as our business etiquette dinner, career panels, job search workshops, and networking receptions. Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about participating in one of our programs.