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What is Fraternity and Sorority Life?

The Fraternity and Sorority Life (Greek) community at Monmouth College is made up of eight Greek-letter fraternities and sororities. Seven of our chapters are affiliated with national organizations and one chapter is solely affiliated with Monmouth College.

There are over 300 students who are members of the Greek Community at Monmouth College. These students come from diverse backgrounds and are heavily involved on campus. They are involved in numerous co-curricular activities including Student Government, Athletics, Orientation, Residence Life, and many more.

Every fraternity and sorority is founded upon a set of values and ideals that are as timeless as the organization itself. These ideals are the foundation of each organization’s rituals, and each man and woman initiated into a fraternity or sorority is not simply joining a college organization; joining a Greek-letter organization is a lifelong personal commitment to lead an intentional life grounded in a set of values that build character, foster personal growth and development, and impact the world.

Benefits of Membership


Joining a fraternity or sorority at Monmouth College will give you a home away from home. As a member of a Greek-letter organization, you will form meaningful connections and lifelong friendships with a diverse group of students who all share a common set of values and ideals.

Networking Opportunities

Members of fraternities and sororities are instantly connected to a vast array of fraternity and sorority alumni from Monmouth College, but they are also connected to the over 11-million living alumni of fraternities and sororities across the country.

Students have an automatic topic of conversation when they meet an alumni of a fraternity or sorority in the airport, across the desk during a job interview, or in those random life moments when an unexpected door is open to them. Membership is valuable during their undergraduate experience, but it is increasingly more valuable once they graduate.

Leadership Opportunities

Fraternities and sororities are learning laboratories that give students the opportunity to learn, test, and grow as they develop as individuals and as leaders. As student-run organizations, fraternities and sororities elect members to serve in positions ranging from Philanthropy Chair to President. Students learn how to run meetings, set and balance budgets, hold members accountable, advertise and sell their organization to potential new members, and establish relationships in the local community.

Academic Excellence

All members of fraternities and sororities share one commonality: they are students first. Greek organizations at Monmouth College consistently rank at or above the all-campus grade point average, and every chapter has academic programs and standards to help their members succeed.

Giving Back to the Community

Every fraternity and sorority believes in making a difference in the world, and members of the Monmouth College Greek community never stop giving back. Greek organizations at Monmouth host their own community service and philanthropic activities as well as participate in Relay for Life and donate countless hours and thousands of dollars to the Monmouth community.

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