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Costs and Financial Obligations

An important consideration in deciding to join a fraternity should be whether or not you are able to meet the financial responsibilities. Both you and your parents should be aware of the fees, dues, and other expenses.

Each fraternity charges a new member fee when you first join. When initiation arrives, you will be charged an initiation fee. After initiation, you will pay dues throughout your college career. These dues support chapter programming including academic support sessions, career development workshops, community service and philanthropic events, and social events. Portions of the dues also are remitted to the fraternity’s national headquarters, which provides officer training resources, member development curriculum, and certain insurance coverage.

The cost of "extras," such as t-shirts, special events, and fraternity souvenirs varies with each individual. Although you are not required to purchase any of these things, many members choose to do so.

At Monmouth College, the cost of membership varies somewhat from organization to organization. When a fraternity invites you to join, you should make sure you have received in writing complete financial information from them before accepting the invitation. Ask them to document these costs, as applicable:

  • New member fee
  • Initiation fee
  • Badge fee
  • Monthly/bi-annual/annual dues
  • Total cost of the first year
  • Total cost of each subsequent year
  • Any other required expenses

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