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Potential new members for women's fraternities should be aware of these guidelines.

  1. A woman is eligible to participate in membership recruitment if she is regularly matriculated student at Monmouth College.
  2. A woman shall not be, or have ever been, an initiated member of an NPC group and join another NPC group. (If in doubt, consult a Recruitment Counselor).
  3. A woman is ineligible for membership recruitment if she has been a pledge of an NPC fraternity at Monmouth College within the calendar year.
  4. No potential new member may buy anything for a women’s fraternity member during the formal recruitment process.
  5. A potential new member shall not give a promise, oral or written, to join a certain fraternity before formal bids are issued through Panhellenic.
  6. A potential member shall fill out the Preferential Bid Card immediately after the last party she attends. Once a card had been signed, no change may be made.
  7. Any potential members signing a Preferential Bid Card and receiving a bid at the end of recruitment shall be bound by the agreement for one calendar year if she is at the same college or university.
  8. Strict silence is the period in which there will be no conversation or contact between women’s fraternity members and potential new members. This includes all references to fraternities, verbal, written, typed, or printed. Strict silence is the period from the end of the potential member’s last party until she reports to the fraternity from which she accepts a bid.

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