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Start a New Student Organization

Have you thought of something new to bring to campus that isn't already offered in our student involvement opportunities?

Chances are you're not the only one with your interests, so starting a new student organization may be a great way to meet new friends, develop your leadership skills, and share your interests with the campus.

Creating a new group on campus is straightforward, and consists of four steps:

  1. Visit the Office of Student Involvement staff to talk through your ideas and get started
  2. Assemble a group of at least 10 interested students and compose a constitution.
  3. Submit the constitution and basic information to the Office of Student Involvement
  4. Obtain recognition from the Associated Students of Monmouth College.
  5. Obtain recognition from the faculty of the College.

Upon receiving full status as a Recognized Student Organization, your group will have the following privileges:

  • Vote in ASMC
  • Use "Monmouth College" in your organization title
  • Petition ASMC for funding
  • Open an organizational account in the Business Office
  • Sponsor functions on campus
  • Use and reserve College facilities
  • Schedule events on the College calendar
  • Obtain a campus mailbox and computer account

Step 1: Visit the Office of Student Involvement staff to talk through your ideas and get started

The staff members in the Office of Student Involvement are eager to meet with you and learn about your ideas. Contact them at 309-457-2268, or via email at to schedule a time to meet.

Step 2: Assemble the Group and Compose a Constitution

You may already have a group of students ready to join your organization. If not, begin talking up your idea with your friends, floor mates, RA, and your professors. Very soon, you'll find several people ready to participate. Next, recruit at least one faculty or staff member to advise your organization. Again, talking to your professors will be helpful in this step.

Once you have an interest group, have a planning meeting. Discuss and write down the purpose for your group and its goal, as well as what officers the organization would need to be successful. Appoint a small group to work on the organizations new constitution.

The committee can start from scratch, download the basic template (ad link to template) and edit it, or look at the constitutions from the existing student organizations (link to orgs page) for ideas.

Be sure your constitution meets the requirements as indicated at the beginning of the template.

Step 3: Submit the Constitution and Basic Information to ASMC via the Office of Student Involvement

Compile information about your new group's roster, officers, advisors, and general description. Submit these with your constitution to the Office of Student Involvement.

Step 4: Obtain recognition from the Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC)

Once your organization's constitution and basic information are on file, the ASMC parliamentarian will guide you through their recognition process. After your documents are approved by the ASMC executive committee, a simple vote of the ASMC grants your organization ASMC recognition. The ASMC will then recommend your group for approval by the faculty.

Step 5: Obtain recognition from the faculty of the College

The ASMC parliamentarian will forward your organization to the Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty. Upon their review, they will recommend to the full faculty that the College fully recognize your organization. With the faculty's favorable vote, your group is granted status as a Recognized Student Organization with all the associated privileges


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