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Student Organization Registration

Each new academic year all student organizations must re-register with the Office of Student Involvement. Be on the look out for more information throughout the Fall semester.

Why does your organization have to register every year?

  • This process must be completed annually as a way for the College to know you will be an active organization during the current academic year
  • It allows the Office of Student Involvement to have the most up-to-date information regarding your organization leadership, and membership
  • Keeping your membership rosters updated directly controls your email group account
  • To access your email group, go to Redbook, and in the search box type in "stuorg" and select your organization.
  • Collecting the membership roster allows the College to track a student's involvement during their time at Monmouth
  • It is your organizations opportunity to review your constitution and make changes if necessary
  • Only registered student organizations can request funding, and vote in ASMC
  • In order to be eligible for funding, your organization cannot miss more than 2/3 of ASMC meetings each semester

How to register

  • Access the Student Organization Database. You will see on the main screen a drop down box with the organization(s) you serve as President.
  • Complete each tab, updating members, officers, advisors, and uploading your current constitution. You must also complete the agreement in order for your registration to be successful.

Your willingness to update your information regularly throughout the year is greatly appreciated and helps keep your organizations information up-to-date!

Download the step-by-step How to Register guide to help with registration.

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Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Involvement