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Stockdale Fellows
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Living Leadership

Monmouth College provides opportunities for all students to explore and enhance their leadership skills and abilities, thereby exposing each student to experiences where he or she can become an active, principled leaders within organizations and communities.

Leadership Development Programs

The James and Sybil Stockdale Fellows Program is the most prestigious scholarship, leadership and enrichment program at Monmouth College. Stockdale Fellows participate in a comprehensive four-year leadership development program. Each Fellow will acquire the skills and characteristics to be able to lead and serve the larger community. Fellows are high achieving students with strong moral character, a commitment to the common good and the potential for exceptional leadership. Students who possess these qualities should apply for the Stockdale Fellows Program.

Scots ASPIRE Leadership Development Program

At Monmouth College we believe that all individuals, over time, have the potential for leadership through education, experience and reflection. We also believe that we all have our own journey, our own story and our own dream. Because each of us has a different journey the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center realizes the need for varying approaches to help guide students on the path of success. Therefore, the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center has developed a comprehensive leadership development program which helps integrate in-class learning with out of classroom experiences.

Here are some of the ways that students can develop their leadership talents:

Student Organizations
There are over 70 organizations, groups, and teams to choose from. As a first year student, joining a residence hall council is a great place to start. Eventually, you can increase your responsibility within organizations by becoming an officer or a committee member.

Athletics and Intramurals
Getting involved in any type of sport in beneficial to not only your physical well being but skill development including character building and teamwork. There are 47 intercollegiate and intramural teams to get involved with. Visit the intramurals sports page to see what you can join.

Residence Life Staff
Becoming a Resident Assistant, a Head Resident, or a House Manager is a challenging yet very rewarding position. This is a fantastic way for you to develop and polish your leadership skills. Contact 309-457-2113 or for more information.

Scot Ambassadors
Students are chosen annually to work with the Admissions Office to assist in student recruitment efforts. These student leaders give tours to prospective students and their families as well as assist with open houses and hosting overnight guests. Contact the Office of Admissions at 309-457-2133 or for more information.

Orientation Leaders
Do you remember being nervous and anxious when you first arrived on campus? As an Orientation Leader you will have the opportunity to make an impact on new students by helping them adjust to college life. Contact 309-457-2345 or for more information.

Fraternity and Sorority Life
With over 150 years of tradition, Fraternity and Sorority Life is dedicated to building future societal leaders. Fraternities and sororities provide you with a wealth of opportunities to discover and refine your leadership potential. Learn more about men's and women's fraternities to see where you might fit.

Hall Government
Hall Council is an excellent way to get involved and help make a difference where you live. Through participation you can experience executive board positions, budget management, and program planning. Speak to a Resident Assistant or Head Resident for more information. Contact 309-457-2113 or for more information.


Enrich Others Through Service

Alternative Spring Break
Open to all students. Immerse yourself in a week-long service trip where you can make an impact. Students have worked in the Appalachian Mountains, a South Dakota Native American Reservation, and North and South Carolina, and Mississippi to assist with Hurricane Katrina Relief. The only fee for participation is $150, which covers travel, lodging, and most expenses for the week. Contact 309-457-2268 or for more information.

Student Organizations Dedicated to Service
A variety of groups on campus provide service to our community and nation as a central component of their mission. Each of these groups is open to all students.

  • Circle K
  • Colleges Against Cancer / Relay For Life
  • Big Brother Big Sister

Student Organizations Incorporating Service
There are several student organizations that include service as an integral part of their operation, as they believe that participation in one’s community is critical to their overall work as an organization.