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Four Year Fellows Leadership Plan

Stockdale Fellows participate in a comprehensive four-year leadership development program.  Each Fellow will acquire the skills and characteristics to be able to lead and serve the larger community.

What follows is the four-year plan for incorportating the program components.

Year 1: Self

Character development comes from exploring one’s own identity, values and beliefs and understanding how these apply to the practice of leadership. Through involvement in various programs, activities and discussions, Fellows will reflect on their strengths and act on ways to improve their ability to lead.

  • Attend the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Retreat
  • Participate in the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Training Program
  • Get involved in campus events and student organizations
  • Meet frequently with the Program Coordinator to discuss progress in the program.  Fellows will regularly gather to attend cultural events, discuss their academic disciplines, discern career aspirations and work on special projects.
  • Attend City of Monmouth meetings to learn about the local community
  • Volunteer with various community organizations and projects
  • Meet with mentor regularly
  • Participate in Alternative Spring Break
  • Begin to think about nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships
Year 2: Collaboration

During the sophomore year Fellows work in teams to learn about collaboration and teamwork. Fellows will learn how to effectively communicate in times of agreement and conflict.  By connecting with people who have different views, students will learn about processing multiple perspectives to mobilize common goals. 

  • Assist with planning and presenting at the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Retreat
  • Co-facilitate the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Training Program
  • Interview a professional regarding a career field of interest
  • Participate in at least one service project in addition to Alternative Spring Break
  • Take on leadership roles on campus
  • Attend an off campus leadership conference
  • Shadow a community leader
  • Start a new student organization or a campus wide initiative
  • Work with the Wackerle Center staff and faculty and secure an internship
Year 3: Others

Third year Fellows apply what they’ve learned to real-life community problems. Fellows will actively serve the campus and community by selecting a community or global project to address.

  • Assist with planning and presenting at the Fellows Leadership Retreat
  • Mentor a First-Year Stockdale Fellow
  • Present programs on topics of leadership to student organizations
  • Begin to take an innovative idea and turn it into a business venture
  • Plan and implement a campus-wide think tank surrounding a campus or a community issue
  • Organize an Alternative Spring Break trip
  • Take part in international short courses, international travel or study abroad program
  • Develop a topic for the Capstone Leadership Project by identifying an area of need/improvement in the local community and designing a plan to solve the issue
  • Apply for a nationally competitive scholarship or fellowship
  • Attend a Graduate and Professional School Fair
Year 4: Transition

During the senior year Fellows reflect on the college experience and pass the torch to future generations of Stockdale Fellows. The Wackerle Center Program Coordinator will meet with each Fellow to develop a transitional plan. Fellows will implement the Capstone Leadership Project that addresses a community issue.

  • Be mentored by alumni
  • Continue to mentor the Stockdale Fellow
  • Facilitate the Stockdale Fellows Leadership Training Program
  • Implement the Capstone Leadership Project
  • Act as a consultant to student organizations re: leadership, involvement, and service
  • Apply for positions or to graduate professional school
  • Attend and present at professional conferences related to discipline or career field
  • Attend career fairs
  • Coordinate a  campus wide leadership conference